By tov617, Oct 30 2017 01:37PM

#inktober2017 Fast approaching Draco's constellation, the Debris Navigator's journey leaves a trail of star-dust across the megaparsecs of outer space travel. "Don't forget!" shouts the lookout on the prow, "Our vector to Cygnus is under Edasich and Thuban's transect". The philosopher at the helm struggles at the paddle. The alien gapes at Bootes Void and the space-bass plays on. See a physical manifestation of the Debris Navigator sculpture at Westraven Community Garden, Peterborough, PE3 7LF. #inktober

By tov617, Oct 24 2017 01:39PM

#Inktober2017 Day 20: Deep. From the prompt list, this could have been yesterday's picture aswell. The deep addictive attachment of smart phone portal access to internet and digital cloud. I am wondering why is Helen so determinedly relaxing when she could be taking part in #Inktober but she is probably searching for a history program to catch up on the BBC i player or messaging family in real time..