By tov617, Oct 17 2017 08:03AM

#inktober2017. I heard it bust when it hit the ground and the forearm was obviously out of shape but the skin was intact. I had managed to keep it held it to my chest despite rolling around on the floor swearing. Later the consultant said it looked like a bomb had exploded in my wrist. #inktober

By tov617, Oct 6 2017 08:35AM

Bit behind on this having only just realised #inktober2017 has started, having seen Prin Marshall's post this morning. Seems like a good thing to do this year, as also I broke my drawing arm two weeks ago and have just had an operation to put 3 plates and a piece of my hip bone in the wrist area to hold it together so am doing this right (or wrong in my case) handed... Needed a bit more white out than I'd like but its a start #1. Have to do two to catch up tomorrow. #inktober