By tov617, Nov 1 2017 07:28PM

#Inktober Day 25: Ship. A larger sized A1 image seemed the smallest size appropriate for this composition yesterday which of course then became a bit too ambitious for one days work with everything else injury and family-wise going on that needed attending to.

A classic days sailing on the east coast. Quentin, Martin, Ian and myself had had a great night in the White Horse in Brancaster and set out early the next morning for a sail on Q's ketch Starshine up to Grimsby. A beautiful sunny morning as we set off around 5 am soon turned to a grey, slewing run up the coast in a force 5-ish. With the sea lumping up round the center cockpit boat, all of us were feeling seasick to varying degrees - it wasn't the beer or the pork pies !. With some relief we got into the Humber where the sun was revealed from behind the clouds and the waters of the tidal estuary were calm. All crew were feeling better and up and about as we passed commercial shipping on their way out to sea. Here Q shakes the reef out of the mainsail. The mystery of the trip was the abandoned lorry of dead rotting fish; half its contents unpacked, in Grimsby docks that we came across. The trip home the next day was an easy calm motorsail.

So there it is folks, last day of #Inktober2017.

By tov617, Oct 19 2017 12:20PM

#Inktober2017 Day 16. On the official prompt list the title Fat - In this instance interpreted as Fir-trees And Typhoon. Although the trees aren't Firs they are perhaps Scots Pine but probably Maritime Pine by the look of the bark, length of the needles and overall height, hard to tell not being close up to them. On the weight related issue, the Typhoon Eurofighter has many different composite materials and light metals used in its design. The French decided to go it alone with their version of the Eurofighter early on in its inception, as a result they have an aircraft that has varients suitable for use on aircraft carriers as well as aircraft requiring runway takeoff and landing. #Inktober — at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, UK.

By tov617, Oct 6 2017 09:10AM

#inktober2017 day 3 - I'm still a day behind. The prompt sheet says 'poison'. I've chosen traffic. Here's a drawing of a line of vehicles approaching the Thorpe Wood roundabout, northbound on the parkway. Most poisons in lower doses have medicinal effects, and so it is with the combustion engine and our obsession with personal transport as a symbol of our own freedom. But you can't help getting the feeling that these 'medicinal' benefits are becoming poisonous to the way we are arranging our cities in terms of reliance on personal transport and disconnected disparate settlement building, as in the case of the Great Kyne settlement, when a reliable bus service can't even be provided for Castor and Ailsworth anymore. We've lived here 20 years and have seen the massive increase in traffic on the parkways, with frequent traffic accidents reported, and having been involved in a few, it seems crazy that the speed limit it still set at 70, and has not been reduced to 50. Peterborough City Council are you listening? #inktober