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#inktober2017 Fast approaching Draco's constellation, the Debris Navigator's journey leaves a trail of star-dust across the megaparsecs of outer space travel. "Don't forget!" shouts the lookout on the prow, "Our vector to Cygnus is under Edasich and Thuban's transect". The philosopher at the helm struggles at the paddle. The alien gapes at Bootes Void and the space-bass plays on. See a physical manifestation of the Debris Navigator sculpture at Westraven Community Garden, Peterborough, PE3 7LF. #inktober

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#Inktober2017 Day 13. Teeming.

The UK government's attempts to extract compensation from councils and developers who had willfully destroyed valuable agricultural land during the first half of the 21st century had proved difficult to enforce; mostly due to the more pressing urgency of population management and emergency food production as sea levels continued to rise. The polar ice caps had melted much faster than expected shrinking vast areas of usable land and forcing other strategies for housing, municipal management and industrial expansion.

2080 saw the new installation of Peterborough's first fission reactor though other forms of tethered electricity generation continued for temporary power supplies as required. Peterborough by this stage had already seen the second expansion of its seawalls. Towable industrial platforms continued to be utilised in topsoil salvage and the new construction projects on the surrounding saltmarshes.

This was the view from the entrance to the old site of the Castor Hanglands National Nature Reserve in 2117, shortly before the Hanglands was ploughed up for desperately needed arable and the landfill waste processing facility built on the adjacent wetlands. #Inktober