By tov617, Oct 30 2017 01:52PM

#Inktober I have a big love for George who worked with me for a while leading up to and in between his world travels. Whilst myself and other more typical workers in the boat yard would be tucking in to a juicy pasty, pot noodle, mars bars all washed down with a cup of brown tea, George's healthy fresh salad options and green tea were healthier than any a healthy eating builder type I have come across. I even started liking green tea but have to take it with milk. William Robertson sheepishly offered me a cup of green tea at the beginning of the Westraven project this summer. I asked for it - only it was a special brand of instant he'd been kindly given by someone and it came out like pea soup once the milk was added. It gave me the shakes...big time. #Inktober2017