By tov617, Oct 24 2017 01:39PM

#Inktober2017 Day 20: Deep. From the prompt list, this could have been yesterday's picture aswell. The deep addictive attachment of smart phone portal access to internet and digital cloud. I am wondering why is Helen so determinedly relaxing when she could be taking part in #Inktober but she is probably searching for a history program to catch up on the BBC i player or messaging family in real time..

By tov617, Oct 21 2017 06:51PM

#Inktober Filthy: The Nene past the Dog in a Doublet at Whittlesey is tidal, a muddy soup that swills in and out everyday. At times fast flowing, the water of the lower reaches is an opaque and impenetrable brown that if leaking into the bilges and left undrained, can make the cabins stink. On most moorings and sometimes worst still if laid up ashore, it doesn't take long for a boat to start looking disheveled and uncared for. Leaves blow in and collect in any suitable shaped area, water-trap or drain-hole, turning to sludge, algae greens everything; at times baking on hard in the sun then turning to a super-slippery hazard in the rain. Mold grows in the tiny pits and scratches of paint or gelcoat, particularly in the nonslip deck moulding treads. Recently sparkling new ropes blend into the old the rigging with a green-grey tinge embedded deep in the twist, that only hard use or a thorough wash can partially remove. The flaky paint layers, sunbleached and powdery in their pastel hues or the greying surface of exposed untreated timber left to 'silver up', is eye-candy for romantic onlookers and the subject of countless postcards and photography books. To the boat builder it is the sure sign that the maintenance has been let go and the wood left to go brash and rotten. #Inktober2017

By tov617, Oct 19 2017 12:20PM

#Inktober2017 Day 16. On the official prompt list the title Fat - In this instance interpreted as Fir-trees And Typhoon. Although the trees aren't Firs they are perhaps Scots Pine but probably Maritime Pine by the look of the bark, length of the needles and overall height, hard to tell not being close up to them. On the weight related issue, the Typhoon Eurofighter has many different composite materials and light metals used in its design. The French decided to go it alone with their version of the Eurofighter early on in its inception, as a result they have an aircraft that has varients suitable for use on aircraft carriers as well as aircraft requiring runway takeoff and landing. #Inktober — at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, UK.