By tov617, Nov 1 2017 07:28PM

#Inktober Day 25: Ship. A larger sized A1 image seemed the smallest size appropriate for this composition yesterday which of course then became a bit too ambitious for one days work with everything else injury and family-wise going on that needed attending to.

A classic days sailing on the east coast. Quentin, Martin, Ian and myself had had a great night in the White Horse in Brancaster and set out early the next morning for a sail on Q's ketch Starshine up to Grimsby. A beautiful sunny morning as we set off around 5 am soon turned to a grey, slewing run up the coast in a force 5-ish. With the sea lumping up round the center cockpit boat, all of us were feeling seasick to varying degrees - it wasn't the beer or the pork pies !. With some relief we got into the Humber where the sun was revealed from behind the clouds and the waters of the tidal estuary were calm. All crew were feeling better and up and about as we passed commercial shipping on their way out to sea. Here Q shakes the reef out of the mainsail. The mystery of the trip was the abandoned lorry of dead rotting fish; half its contents unpacked, in Grimsby docks that we came across. The trip home the next day was an easy calm motorsail.

So there it is folks, last day of #Inktober2017.

By tov617, Oct 30 2017 02:07PM

#Inktober2017 What has happened since 2004? I made this Ink drawing from one of my oil paintings from about 12 years ago... The title being along the lines of:

'A plastic butterfly, caught on, desiccated vines'

At the time I was pleased with the picture. Its title and subject warning of impending global warming disaster had been inspired by a vine I'd left unwatered at the height of summer in the conservatory whilst I was away on a photography assignment. A plastic butterfly had originally been attached to the plant after arriving on a present or card and the symbolism seemed potent - other viewers seemed blind to the impending world disaster depicted; seeing a pretty picture of a butterfly and some decorative red dried leaves. Perhaps it was Autumn already?

It was before the credit crunch. Digital photography was just beginning to impact. No Facebook, no Instagram, no smartphone. George W. Bush was in the White House with the 2nd Iraq War underway. Drones were military weapons rather than being sold in PC World. No Google Street View. Wind power was just on the horizon literally. People smoked tobacco inside the workplace and public houses legally! Plastic pollution in the oceans had been of study to scientists since the 1950s with a bit of coverage in the 1980s. It wasn't till the late 2000s that the media and political interest really picked up.

What has happened since: Plastic in the oceans, plastic in tap water, plastic in fish, plastic in the air from city dwellers' tumble dryers. Smart phone 24hr shopping, banking crisis, new Korean crisis developing, ISIS, President Obama, Donald Trump, Brexit! How much of that could be foreseen?

The vine only just survived its roasting ordeal and has since moved house with us, struggled for years but now produces a fine dark red grape harvest which are great turned into a juice to cook pears in, hopefully plastic free...??? #Inktober

By tov617, Oct 30 2017 01:52PM

#Inktober I have a big love for George who worked with me for a while leading up to and in between his world travels. Whilst myself and other more typical workers in the boat yard would be tucking in to a juicy pasty, pot noodle, mars bars all washed down with a cup of brown tea, George's healthy fresh salad options and green tea were healthier than any a healthy eating builder type I have come across. I even started liking green tea but have to take it with milk. William Robertson sheepishly offered me a cup of green tea at the beginning of the Westraven project this summer. I asked for it - only it was a special brand of instant he'd been kindly given by someone and it came out like pea soup once the milk was added. It gave me the shakes...big time. #Inktober2017

By tov617, Oct 30 2017 01:37PM

#inktober2017 Fast approaching Draco's constellation, the Debris Navigator's journey leaves a trail of star-dust across the megaparsecs of outer space travel. "Don't forget!" shouts the lookout on the prow, "Our vector to Cygnus is under Edasich and Thuban's transect". The philosopher at the helm struggles at the paddle. The alien gapes at Bootes Void and the space-bass plays on. See a physical manifestation of the Debris Navigator sculpture at Westraven Community Garden, Peterborough, PE3 7LF. #inktober